Robot Carves detailed Marble Sculptures

Robotor Italian startup invented a device capable of carving marble masterpieces out of Carrara marble.

Robotor founder Giacomo Massari believes his robot-created marble statues are nearly as good as those made by humans.

Robotor-One by Robotor has created the marble replica of Canova’s Terpsichore for the museum of Vetulonia starting from a 3D scan of the original work. Less than a week to deliver a sculpture 177cm high, finished, and ready for the exhibition.

Co-founders Filippo Tincolini and Giacomo Massari believe that manually working on marble sculptures with their robot chisel technology can be made easier.

Robot Carves detailed Marble Sculptures

According to the company:

“The quarried material can now be transformed, even in extreme conditions, into complex works in a way that was once considered unimaginable. We are entering a new era of sculpture, which no longer consists of broken stones, chisels, and dust, but of scanning, point clouds, and design.”

Images courtesy of Robotor