Ronin 47

The impressive Ronin 47 is a limited edition motorcycle. The number of bikes should be 47 as homage to the old story of the 47 Ronin from Japanese folklore.    Watch the video…

The Ronin 47 Motorcycle based on the Harley-Davidson Buell 1125, features a new exhaust system, a forks for a cast aluminum alloy linkage fork, a radiator front-and-center. The price tag will be $38,000.

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The front end of the Ronin features a linkage fork designed to improve the handling characteristics of the stock Buell chassis. An advantage to this design over a telescopic fork is that the suspension is easily tunable through the Penske mono-shock allowing finer adjustment for rider weight and road conditions.
The high-performance Rotax engine generates a lot of heat, enough to boil the fuel in the frame, so cooling the Ronin properly is paramount.

A uniquely keyed RFID chip activates a receiver under the airbox cover allowing the Ronin computer and electrical system to be powered up.

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The Ronin tachometer and speedometer are housed within a single cast aluminum steering nacelle.  The instrument cluster has an analog display for the tachometer and digital display for speed, water temp, voltage and mileage, and is backlit for night viewing.

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The seat pan is injection molded polymer providing rigidity, durability and an optimized fit to the sub-frame.

The custom designed, free-flowing muffler is comprised of cast aluminum ends and a stainless steel body.

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