The giant sinkhole in Fukuoka City in Japan, fixed in just 2 days!

The Japanese once again proved that their workmanship and are top level.

The 30m by 27m and 15m deep sinkhole opened up in Fukuoka city, in Japan, took only 48 hours to efficient – top level workmanship, to repair power cuts, water supplies and restore gas.

Above Gif by wordlessTech, images via boredpanda

They also fill it with 6,200 cubic meters of sand and cement. The ground is now 30 times stronger than before.

Footage of a 20m-wide sinkhole opening up in the centre of the south-western Japanese city of Fukuoka shows street lights, signs and large sections of pavement and road falling into the gaping pit as rushing water and loud bangs can be heard.

The sinkhole formed in front of the main railway station shortly after 5am, causing gas leaks and prompting evacuations.

via boredpanda