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Space Perspective.  Get your tickets for the great space balloon ride, the most breathtaking six hours in your life.

Space Perspective’s space balloon that will start flying passengers into space in 2024, is the world’s first luxury spaceflight experience, inviting more people than ever before to experience a thrilling new perspective that only space can provide. Escorted to space inside Spaceship Neptune’s pressurized capsule propelled by a high-performance spaceballoon, the ultra-comfortable, accessible, and gentle six-hour journey redefines what space and wonder travel means for the modern traveler.

We have reimagined space travel. Instead of rocketing away from the Earth at high velocity, you ascend on a gentle, yet thrilling journey and look back at our planet from an entirely new perspective.
Ascend to space while the sky is dark with stars like you’ve never seen.
Glide along as the sun slowly rises in a black sky, illuminating the blue ribbon of our atmosphere.

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After sunrise, experience the life-transforming view of Earth in space.
Spaceship Neptune then smoothly descends to splashdown.

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Astronauts exclaim that the multifaceted, transformative experience of seeing Earth and the blue line of our atmosphere from space is stunningly beautiful, deeply compelling, and profoundly moving.

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The accessibility of Spaceship Neptune opens up space travel, offering our Explorers the same astonishing opportunity as astronauts: to gaze out at the cosmos and down on our home, experiencing the wonder-filled expansion of human consciousness.

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