NOAA’s new 4D model of the world’s weather

NOAA's new 4D model of the world's weather

NOAA unveils new ‘4D’ supercomputer model of the world’s weather, improving dramatically the accuracy of forecasts.

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The Lie We Live

The Lie We Live

The Lie We Live. A stunning video exposing the truth about our world

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Selfies have killed more people than sharks

shark with blonde

A new study suggests that selfies have killed around the world, more people than sharks!

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Bill Nye reading Mean Tweets

Bill Nye

Bill Nye is on a quest to change the world, and he want you to be part of it! Take a look at some videos…

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In each Red and Blue Map areas, lives 5% of the World Population

In each Red and Blue Map areas, lives 5- of the World Population

Yes it is correct! 5% of the world’s population lives in the entire blue region and the same number of people live in the red region.

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Leonardo DiCaprio donates even more $15 million to protect the world

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio donates another $15 million, to preserve and protect the world.

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Mother tongues infographic

Mother tongues infographic

A brilliant infographic by Alberto Lucas López, showing how 23 of the mother tongues around the world are proportioned distributed.

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World Map of Every Internet Device

Map of Every Internet Device

A World Map of every Internet Device, with red spots indicating where most of the devices are located.

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These are the New Language Empires

New Language Empires

This is our World organized by languages spoken, ending up with the old colonial empires.

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Amazing winners of the Nikon Small World in Motion contest

Quail Embryo at 10 Day Incubation

The winner‘s video along with those of the 2nd and 3rd place, of the 2013 Nikon Small World in Motion contest 2013.    Watch the stunning videos…

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