Tokummia Sea Monster

A terrifying sea monster with 50 legs and can-opener to attack its prey, that lived 508 million years ago, discovered.

The peculiar creature named Tokummia, discovered in samples taken under Canada. According to scientists it’s an ancestor of modern crabs and other species.

Above, in this illustration Tokummia’s robust back legs help it lived on the ocean floor, like today’s lobsters.

Tokummia Sea Monster

Artist’s impression of Tokummia katalepsis.

The study published in Nature:

Here we show that Tokummia katalepsis gen. et sp. nov., a large bivalved arthropod from the 508 million-year-old Marble Canyon fossil deposit (Burgess Shale, British Columbia), has unequivocal mandibulate synapomorphies, including mandibles and maxillipeds, as well as characters typically found in crustaceans, such as enditic, subdivided basipods and ring-shaped trunk segments.

canada map

The fossilized remains were found in a sedimentary rock near Marble Canyon in Kootenay national park in Canada.