Melting Qori Kalis glacier Peru

The devastating effect of humans on planet Earth, presented in these amazing ‘now and then’ images from NASA.   Melting Qori Kalis glacier Peru

Images credit NASA

Take a look at these before and after images, taken only few decades apart, showing how quickly our planet is changing.

Randal Jackson, Internet manager for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said:

“Climate change is kind of an abstract concept for most people, or it feels like it’s something that happens invisibly or it’s going to happen in the future. The Images of Change gallery gives us an opportunity to make it feel a little bit more real.”

Delta growth LouisianaDelta growth Louisiana

Shrinking glacier, AlaskaShrinking glacier, Alaska

Shrinking lake, central AsiaShrinking lake, central Asia

Air pollution reduction, northeastern United StatesAir pollution reduction, northeastern United States

Urban growth, South KoreaUrban growth, South Korea

Urban growth, NevadaUrban growth, Nevada

Flood, CambodiaFlood, Cambodia

Lake shrinkage, IraqLake shrinkage, Iraq

Filchner Ice Shelf calving, AntarcticaFilchner Ice Shelf calving, Antarctica

Artificial islands, United Arab EmiratesArtificial islands, United Arab Emirates

Lake shrinkage, ArgentinaLake shrinkage, Argentina

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