The Earth’s Turbulent Core

Geophysicists by taking a deep dive into our planet’s core 3000 kilometers below surface, created high-definition 3D simulations of the magnetic field.

The invisible but powerful magnetic field surrounding Earth, is vital to life, because it deflects the ravaging effects of solar wind and protect us from charged particles from the Sun.

Above, the lines of force of the magnetic field (strongest in yellow), in the Earth’s core and outside.

At the center of the Earth you’ll find a swirling mass of metal (iron), kept in liquid form.

Convection movements from temperature and pressure variations, generate electric currents through the metal, turning to magnetic fields. Together with the Earth’s rotation on its axis is creating a large-scale dynamo effect, the shield that blocks out solar wind.

Temperature field in the equatorial plane of the Earth’s core from a high resolution numerical simulation

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source arxiv