The Matrix Pillow

The Matrix Pillow is the world’s first pillow designed with unique structure making it self-adjustable, contouring to any sleep position to better align your cervical spine in a natural shape.

The Matrix Pillow eliminates snoring, relieves muscle strain, and brings you a restful night and an energetic morning.

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Most problems like head and neck pain, snoring, and insomnia are caused by improper sleep positions with a bad pillow. When you turn onto your side your cervical spine goes out of alignment, leaving your head and neck without enough support and that muscle strain accumulates all night. A typical pillow can’t self-adjust to your different sleep positions to provide adequate support, leaving you feeling tired and sore in the morning.

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“That’s why we created The Matrix Pillow. Its advanced design self-adjusts to align and support your head in any sleep position, preventing neck/head/back pain, alleviating snoring, and giving you a restful night of sleep.”

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