Thermos sized Microwave Oven

The thermos sized, battery-operated Adventurer Portable Microwave, lets you heat food wherever you are.

The 200-watt Adventurer Portable Microwave, works with batteries, to warm up to 500 ml of food or drinks, it’s small enough to fit in a backpack.

Thermos sized Microwave Oven

The Adventurer, the world’s first Portable solid-state RF food heater ‘microwave’. Groundbreaking technology has evolved the microwave oven in to a hand held device designed to heat food and beverages, anywhere

Food and drink ready in as little as 4 minutes

  • Height:  305mm
  • Width:  128mm
  • Weight:  1.2kgs
  • Capacity:  900ml (usable100ml–500ml)


  • Interchangeable quick charging power packs
  • Mains or in car charge
  • Compatible with portable solar panel chargers
  • Wayv Power pack: 30+ minutes per charge
  • Wattage: 200W

Adventurer Portable Microwave

via New Scientist

source Adventurer Portable Microwave