Watch how a Satellite gets ready to go to Space

A timelapse video showing Sentinel-3A satellite, from final preparations to liftoff on a Rocket launcher from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia.

Sentinel-3A, launched at 17:57 GMT (18:57 CET) on 16 February 201, .is the third satellite to be launched for Europe’s Copernicus environment monitoring program.

Designed as a two-satellite constellation – Sentinel-3A and -3B – the Sentinel-3 mission carries a series of cutting-edge instruments for systematic measurements of Earth’s oceans, land, ice and atmosphere. Over oceans, Sentinel-3 measures the temperature, colour and height of the sea surface as well as the thickness of sea ice. These measurements will be used, for example, to monitor changes in sea level, marine pollution and biological productivity. Over land, this innovative mission will monitor wildfires, map the way land is used, provide indices of vegetation state and measure the height of rivers and lakes.

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Credits: Directed by Stephane Corvaja, ESA; Edited by Manuel Pedoussaut, Zetapress ; Music by Hubrid-Rockot