Wi-Fiber’s smart streetlights

Wi-fiber developed the smart streetlights technology that smart cities need today and will need in the future.

Wi-fiber has transformed its city lampposts into smart hubs of networked connectivity that can continue to evolve over time to incorporate new, yet-to-be-invented applications.

Wi-Fiber’s smart streetlights (4)

It creates a broad canopy of wireless connectivity tapping “wirelessly” into the cities’ existing underground “hard wire” cable fiber infrastructure without the need for costly physical re-wiring.
Furthermore, wi-fiber’s modular network design assures that each smart lamppost hub remains active and alive autonomously and is not dependent upon a central source of power or intelligence to operate.

Wi-Fiber’s smart streetlights (3)

It provides a broad selection of cutting-edge technology applications for cities to choose from “out of the gate” including sensors, video, audio, etc.
All of this on a networked platform powered by 4G real time data transmission.
Wi-Fiber’s smart streetlights (2)

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