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Robomart world’s first self-driving store, delivers products outside your door.

Consumers will simply tap a button to request the closest robomart. Once it arrives, they head outside, unlock the doors, and shop for the products they want. When they are done, they just close the doors and send it on its way.

Robomart tracks what customers have taken using patent pending “grab and go” checkout free technology and will charge them and send a receipt accordingly.

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Groceries are soon to be a $1 trillion business worldwide, and perishables like fresh produce make up around 60% of all groceries sold, however according to Kantar Worldpanel just a tiny fraction of that – less than 5% – has moved online. This is because having humans pick and deliver groceries is prohibitively expensive for retailers, and because consumers don’t trust someone else picking produce for them. So we’re building a fleet of on-demand, self-driving stores that we’ll license to retailers to power the most affordable on-demand delivery services across the world.

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