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British aviation firm unveils design for the ‘world’s largest commercial hybrid electric plane‘ that can seat 70 people.

Bristol-based Electric Aviation Group (EAG) firm reveals hybrid electric regional craft powered from an electric and conventional jet fuel engines.

The ‘hybrid electric regional aircraft’ (HERA) has a ‘whisper-quiet’ operation, to reduce noise pollution.

The aircraft designed to have 3.8 tons of lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery at 250Wh/kg energy density, will entry into service in 2028.

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Kamran Iqbal, founder and CEO at EAG, explains:

“Significant investments have been raised to develop sub-19 seat hybrid and all-electric aircraft which we believe is the wrong strategy.

These small planes cannot meet the demands of mass air transportation or the requirements of decarbonisation.

Our design is for an aircraft that will initially offer 800 nautical miles range at launch in 2028, and which will be able to carry over 70 people.”

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