Evoy Electric Outboard Motor

Evoy unveiled world’s most powerful electric propulsion system designed for fast boats.

Evoy electric outboard motor users will enjoy voyages without noise, smell, pollution, breakdowns and significantly lower maintenance and usage cost.

The cost saving varies greatly with geography and usage. In Norway the savings are typically between 60 and 80 % from lower cost of use and maintenance. In addition one saves time and resources on very much longer maintenance intervals and less time for fuelling.

Evoy Electric Outboard Motor

Evoy smart management system is set-up so that the system itself reduces power output when below set threshold. This Threshold is dynamic and paired with the battery management system. That mean that dependant on temperature and power consumption in your boat the system will start reducing power when there is between 10 to 15 % left on the batteries. With 10 % left there is still 5 % usable energy down to the bottom block that is 5 kWh. These 5 % will give you everything from 1 to 10 nm range depending on chosen “Take-me-home” speed.

Powerful beyond expectations with full torque from zero rpm
Models from 150 to 450 hp Continuous – Higher hp in peak for planing and sprints
Weight the same or less than comparable gasoline outboards
Price the same or less than comparable diesel outboards

Evoy will deliver the first systems to customers in Q2 2020.

source Evoy