Yamaha’s project AH A MAY

Yamaha’s project AH A MAY exhibited at the 2015 Saint Etienne Biennale, where motorcycles and bicycles were created by musical instrument designers.

Yamaha’s project AH A MAY (2)


By taking the meters on the instrument panel off the motorcycle rider’s view, the idea of the design is to enable him or her to be a part of the passing scenery. The form was created to flow from the seat to the fuel tank and was inspired by a horse motif that aims to give a sense of unity among people, nature, and the vehicle.   Designer: Kazuki Kashiwase (Design Laboratory, Yamaha Corporation)

The electric-power assisted bicycle is placed on a recharging stand, and when cyclists pedal it, this recharges the battery. The battery power can then be taken out of the stand and the electricity generated shared with the family and used to power musical instruments and other electric appliances. The design aims to suggest a lifestyle that takes a positive attitude and approach toward power usage.  Designer: Jose Gonzalez (Design Laboratory, Yamaha Corporation)

source Yamaha