Zeabuz Smart Autonomous Ferry

Zeabuz will deliver a new service for urban, emission free, autonomous ferries. Will operate on-demand, 24/7, be easy to use, smart and green.

The world is increasingly urbanized and most cities are located in coastal areas or along waterways. This requires that new transport solutions must be cost-effective, emission-free and will have to use the waterways.

Zeabuz Smart Autonomous Ferry (4)

Zeabuz will sell autonomous mobility services to both cities and settlements along the coast, and  will ally with strong Norwegian and international partners in designing and building the ferries  themselves.

Zeabuz Smart Autonomous Ferry (3)

The Zeabuz ferries will be small, electric and on-demand. “Autonomy fits like a glove  with electric ferries. This enables better control, optimal operation, safety and maintenance, ”says Asgeir J. Sørensen, director of NTNU’s research center on autonomous maritime operations, NTNU AMOS.

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«Norway has a complete maritime cluster and together with NTNU’s world-leading expertise in digitalisation, automation and autonomy, we can create a new industrial adventure,» says Haugland, CEO of «Skift Business Climate Leaders» and chairman of the new company.

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