Zoox autonomous robotaxi

Reinventing personal transportation: Zoox fully autonomous, safer, cleaner, all-electric robotaxi.

Over six years ago, the Zoox founders embarked on a journey to create a new type of vehicle. Fully autonomous, all-electric, and built for riders, not drivers.

“Today, we revealed that vehicle to the world. This video will only be live for 24 hours, so check it out now.”

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TeleGuidance assists vehicles to navigate what we call ‘edge cases’ – some of the rarest and most complex driving situations.

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Computer vision enables our vehicles to understand intricate details about their surroundings. For example, if a pedestrian is looking at their phone or whether flashing lights on a car mean it’s an emergency vehicle.

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“Our vehicles learn from these interactions and require less assistance when facing similarly complex situations.”

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A ride-hailing vehicle designed for dense urban environments.

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