Antarctopia- the Antarctic Pavilion

The Antarctic Pavilion

Antarctopia, Antarctica‘s first pavilion for Venice Biennial 2014, by Zaha Hadid and Leading Architects Design.    Image credit Alexy Kozyr.

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West Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapse is unstoppable

West Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapse

According to new studies the melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet is unstoppable, it is occurring faster than predicted and has ‘passed the point of no return.’    Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica.  Image © NASA

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Iceberg 10 Times the Size of Manhattan Breaks Free


A 20-mile (33 kilometer) by 12 mile (20 kilometer) iceberg, which broke off from the Pine Island glacier in Antarctica, may pose a threat to modern ships.

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Scientists discover new Ozone-damaging Chemicals

Scientists discover new Ozone-damaging Chemicals

New ozone-destroying chemicals found in atmosphere. Scientists warn that “mysterious compounds undermining recovery of ozone hole over Antarctica.”   Image © NASA animation by Robert Simmon.

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The Seventh Continent

The Seventh Continent 2

If you want to know how beautiful Antarctica is, then take a look at this video shot by Enrico Sacchetti from a helicopter over Terra Nova Bay, at the Italian Mario Zucchelli Research Station.

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Clearing Antarctic Snow

Clearing Antarctic Snow

In this video the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica tech team getting to grips with the annual “spring cleaning”. They are clearing massive amounts of snow accumulated during winter, servicing the vehicles and starting up the station’s systems.    Take a look at the video…

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Strongest Ice breaker is heading to release two frozen Ships

Ice breaker USCGC Polar Star (WAGB-10)

Polar Star it’s not the largest or most powerful ice breaker (like Russia’s nuclear-powered NS Yamal), but with its 75,000 horsepower can crush a two story ice wall.

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Antarctic rescue of Akademik Shokalskiy ship completed

Antarctic rescue of Akademik Shokalskiy ship

The 52 passangers from the Akademik Shokalskiy, the ship that had been trapped in Antarctic ice for nearly 10 days, have now been rescued.   Image © Andrew Peacock

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Reaching South Pole on foot

Reaching South Pole on foot 1

Polar explorers Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere reached the southernmost point on our planet, the South Pole in Antarctica on foot.

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Rescue of stalled Antarctic ship in progress

Rescue of stalled Antarctic ship in progress

A group of 74 scientists, tourists and crew aboard a Russian ship stuck in ice off Antarctica, still awaiting rescue after a Chinese icebreaker failed to reach it.     Image © Andrew Peacock

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