Cosmic fire in Antarctica

Aurora australis over Antarctica

This rare image of the aurora australis, is a well-deserved bonus for the crew of 13 who are spending the winter months in Concordia station in Antarctica, cut off for nine months from friends and family.


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Blue Moon Halo in Antarctica

Blue Moon Halo in Antarctica

An amazing image with a rare halo, 22 degree rings around the full moon, caused by ice crystals falling in the Earth’s atmosphere, in Antarctica.   Image credit LI Hang


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Antarctica – upon reflection

Antarctica - upon reflection

Antarctica. But something isn’t quite right here. Watch the video to see if you can spot what it is…


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New detailed view of Antarctica’s Ocean currents

Antarctica's Ocean currents from the Lab's MPAS-Ocean Model

This visualization from the Lab’s MPAS-Ocean Model, shows in high-resolution the ocean currents and eddies in a global ocean simulation with the Antarctic in the center.


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Beautiful Antarctica


This amazing video was shot during a 20 days trip to Antarctica in December 2014 to January 2015…


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Secrets of the ‘Blood Falls’ under the microscope

Blood Falls Antarctica

Blood Falls, an outflow of an iron oxide-tainted saltwater in Antarctica, will be examined by a special made probe, to look for ‘extremophiles’.


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Iceberg Flipped Over

Iceberg Flipped Over in Antarctica

Filmmaker and photographer Alex Cornell, during a trip in Antarctica, captured a very unusual sight, an impressive iceberg flipped over!


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Glaciers and Mountains in West Antarctica

Western Antarctica

This beautiful view of Glaciers and mountains in the evening sun, are seen on an Operation IceBridge research flight, returning from West Antarctica on Oct. 29, 2014.


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A new robotic penguin spy

robotic penguin spy

Scientists come up with new way to spy on penguins with cute chick rover. A new robotic penguin spy.


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ICE Full Fat 26FS Antarctica trike

ICE Full Fat 26FS

The ICE Full Fat, the Antarctica trike, is a radical new trike with real off-road credentials. Rock, mud, snow, rooty trails, this bike is built to tackle it all.


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