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A groundbreaking creation the Dubai Mangroves project has been revealed, 72 km of coastal regeneration project with 100 million mangrove trees.

Led by URB, the same team behind the Dubai Reefs Project and The Loop, this initiative aims to blend ecological preservation with city growth. The goal is to plant over 100 million mangrove trees along 72 kilometers of Dubai’s coastline, setting new standards for reviving coastal areas.

This plan aligns with the city’s environmental targets and the Dubai 2040 Master Plan, focusing on making the city more resilient, diverse in wildlife, and sustainably planned.

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Central to this effort are Mangroves, known for their unique ability to soak up carbon, shield coasts from erosion, and provide a home for marine life, boosting food security. With each tree absorbing around 12.3 kg of CO2 annually, the whole project could sequester 1.23 million tonnes of CO2 yearly. That’s like taking the CO2 emissions of over 260,000 gas-powered cars off the roads annually.

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Baharash Bagherian, CEO of URB, explains:

“Dubai mangroves is a testament of how urban and environmental innovation can work in harmony as a model for cities worldwide, demonstrating the transformative power of integrating ecological preservation with urban growth. Yet this project is much more than coastal regeneration or resilience; it’s about setting a global standard for how cities can balance the needs of the planet with the needs of the people.”

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