The steering wheel of the HMS Queen Elizabeth

A tiny steering wheel for the supersize 65, 000 tonne aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, the largest Royal Navy’s warship.

HMS Queen ElizabethImage credit wikimedia

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the lead ship of the Queen Elizabeth-class of aircraft carrier, the largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy and capable of carrying up to forty aircraft. She was named by Queen Elizabeth II on 4 July 2014, and is scheduled to commission in 2016, with initial operational capability from 2020. Her first Commanding Officer is to be Commodore Jerry Kyd, the former captain of HMS Ark Royal and HMS Illustrious.

Unlike most large carriers she is not fitted with catapults and arrestor wires and is instead designed to operate V/STOL aircraft; her air wing will typically consist of F-35B Lightning II fighter-bombers and Merlin helicopters for airborne early warning and anti-submarine warfare.

Littoral combat ship USS Independence (LCS 2)

This is a different bridge, controlling the Littoral Combat Ship featuring a cockpit with joysticks.

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