Dyson is developing an Electric car

Dyson has gone public with the electric car project, after two years of development.

Dyson’s electric car project, that currently employs 400 engineers, plans to invest $2.68 billion into the development of the vehicle and the batteries.Electric Car

The company now has chosen to go public, because keeping the project a secret was making it very difficult to secure it.

James Dyson, in an open letter to his staff, explained that air pollution were the main factor in his decision for the car’s development, that will be ready by 2020:

“In London, nearly 9,500 people die early each year due to long-term exposure to air pollution, according to a study carried out by researchers at King’s college London.

It is our obligation to offer a solution to the world’s largest single environmental risk. I look forward to showing you all what I hope will be something quite unique and better, in due course!”

via jalopnik