Scientists turn Carbon Dioxide into Jet Fuel

Scientists managed to turn carbon dioxide (CO2) into a liquid fuel capable of powering jet aircraft.

Scientists are trying to discover a solution for the global pollution caused by airplanes. Oxford University scientists came up with an idea to convert C02 into jet fuel.

The team heated hydrogen, an iron manganese potassium catalyst and a mix of citric acid, to turn C02 into a liquid fuel capable of powering jet aircraft.

The lab method in its experimental process produced just a few grams of fuel, but this is just the beginning.

The approach is inexpensive and has many benefits, mostly environmental and economic.

Tiancun Xiao, a senior research fellow at Oxford’s Department of Chemistry and an author on the paper, explains:

“Climate change is accelerating, and we have huge carbon dioxide emissions. The infrastructure of hydrocarbon fuels is already there. This process could help relieve climate change and use the current carbon infrastructure for sustainable development.”

Image credit wikimedia

source Sciencenews