Samsung’s patent of a Foldable phone

Samsung’s patent of a Foldable phone

Samsung has filed a patent for a smartphone with a flexible screen, that could be folded in half.

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Samsung Smart Motorcycle Windshield

Samsung Smart Motorcycle Windshield (1)

Samsung‘s Smart Windshield, it’s a very simple installation, a new concept of safety on two wheels.   Watch the system in the video…

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Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone

Samsung is working on a new prototype the “Project Valley,” with a foldable dual OLED screen and a unique design.

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Earth-wide internet by Samsung

Earth-wide internet by Samsung

Samsung, like SpaceX / Google, proposed an ‘Earth-wide internet,’ covered by a cloud of 4,600 microsatellites.

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The Safety Truck system

The Safety Truc by Samsung

A very useful concept to promote road safety, a giant display at the back of a truck, developed by Leo Burnett, in Buenos Aires, for Samsung’s Argentinian corporate office.   Watch the video…

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Samsung’s directional speakers

Samsung WAM7500/6500 speakers

Samsung to unveil new range of audio products, compact one-piece speakers promising room-filling sound, at International Consumer Electronics Show CES 2015.

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World’s largest floating offshore facility

Prelude - Around the world

A giant natural gas refinery, world’s largest floating offshore facility, Prelude – Around the world, that Shell is building in Samsung’s Heavy Industries, in South Korea.  Watch the new video…

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Project Beyond 3D 360 camera

Project Beyond

Project Beyond is the world’s first true 3D 360° camera, that captures and streams omniview videos in stunning high-resolution 3D.

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Samsung’s new Wi-Fi tech is five times faster

Samsung's new Wi-Fi

A new Wi-Fi tech unveiled by Samsung is five times faster than today’s wireless networks and will be available in 2015.

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Origin of the Curve sculpture

Origin of the Curve

‘Origin of the Curve’ created by Miguel Chevalier for Samsung at IFA 2014, an impressive sculpture inspired by the curved design of the new UHD TV.

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