Electra on ultra-short takeoff aircraft

Agility Prime, the US Air Force’s flying car program on advanced air mobility, selects Electra.aerois ultra-short takeoff and landing (ultra-STOL) aircraft.

The US Air Force has signed a contract with Electra.aero for the development of hybrid-electric propulsion systems for electric ultra-short takeoff and landing (eSTOL) aircraft.

Electra is a next-gen aerospace company devoted to sustainable urban & regional mobility. We’re building electric, ultra-short takeoff and landing airplanes that fly more people and stuff; quieter, further, and more affordably. Only Electra’s technology delivers more than twice the payload and an order of magnitude longer ranges with substantially lower operating costs than vertical takeoff alternatives — with much less certification risk.

 Electra on ultra-short takeoff aircraft

Agility Prime’s Deputy Lead, Major John “Wasp” Tekell, said:

“Agility Prime is excited to partner with Electra on their recent Phase II SBIR contract award. We look forward to exploring the unique capabilities of this design while continuing to accelerate the electric aviation industry.”

Ultra-short takeoff and landing from spaces as small as rooftops, parking lots, and soccer fields — runways not required.

Distributed electric propulsion means getting to your destination quietly while keeping your neighbors and community happy.

 Electra on ultra-short takeoff aircraft

Built-in battery charging while you fly. No need for special infrastructure or having to wait on the ground for a recharge.

Hybrid-electric versatility opens up a wide range of use cases with clean, quick, traffic-free access to final destinations.

Blown lift is a special aerodynamic technique that tricks the wing into thinking it’s much bigger than it really is. It’s been used in other niche markets in the past but combined with distributed electric propulsion, blown lift is now super efficient and practical for wider applications. Using a similar amount of space on the ground, Electra’s blown lift aircraft takes off at a fraction of the power required by vertical takeoff alternatives. Combined with useful ranges and use case versatility, Electra is the most sustainable choice for advancing urban and regional air mobility.

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