New York surrounded by ice

Aerial image New York surrounded by ice

A rare aerial photo of New York surrounded by ice, floating along the East River and New York bay.


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Aurora with Moon on Ice

Ice, Moon with a halo, Jupiter and Aurora

This stunning expansive fisheye view of ice, Moon with a halo, Jupiter and Aurora was captured at Jökulsárlón Beach, southeast Iceland.    Image credit Stéphane Vetter (Nuits sacrées)


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Frozen Fortress

Ice Castles in Lincoln

Frozen Fortress, the amazing handmade ice structures of Ice Castles in Lincoln, New Hampshire, an impressive video made by filmmakers Michael Sutton and Julian Tryba.   Take a look at the video…


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Ice Climbing Frozen Niagara Falls

Ice Climbing Niagara, WIll Gadd (3)

Ice climbing frozen Niagara falls, the world’s largest flowing waterfall, by Internationally renowned ice climber and paraglider Will Gadd, from Alberta, Canada.   Watch the video…


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Winter Art on Cars

car decorated by ice

Some beautiful images from persons that find their car decorated by ice during winter night…


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Iceberg Flipped Over

Iceberg Flipped Over in Antarctica

Filmmaker and photographer Alex Cornell, during a trip in Antarctica, captured a very unusual sight, an impressive iceberg flipped over!


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Beautiful Antarctic Icebergs and ice

Ghostly iceberg near Bandits hut

Beautiful images of icebergs and ice from the Antarctic continent, a land mass covered with ice up to 4 km thick.  Ghostly iceberg near Bandits hut (Photo: Nichol H)


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Driving around Nurburgring in the snow

Nurburgring in snow

A Nurburgring Driving Academy instructor drives a Formula racing car around the track in -16 degrees temperatures on ice and snow.


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Sculptural Ice on a Mountain in Slovenia

Sculptural Ice

These breathtaking sculptural ice images by photographer Marko Korosec, taken at the area of Mount Javornik, in a ski resort, at part of a mountain range in eastern Slovenia, after 10 days of snow, wind and ice.


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Mysterious Ice Pancakes

Ice Pancakes

Mysterious Ice Pancakes, strange-looking formations that resemble frozen lily pads, found floating on a Scottish river.


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