YETI soft cooler

YETI Hopper

The YETI Hopper soft cooler is made of the same material as white water rafts, designed to keep ice frozen for days.

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Europa’s Rivers of Red Ice

Jupiter's satellite Europa

This is a new image of the large surface of Jupiter‘s icy satellite, potentially life-harboring Europa, showing these peculiar rivers of red ice.

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Rover drives under Alaska’s ice

Rover under Alaska's ice

NASA remote pilots an untethered rover under Alaska‘s ice, in a first-time success. An unmanned vehicle that may be explore the icy oceans of Jupiter‘s moon Europa.   Watch the video…

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Sailing on Ice with 100 mph!

Sailing on Ice

The Kaira ice sailboat uses the power of wind to skate along the ice, by designer Khitrova Anna.

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Antarctic ice losses have Doubled in less than a decade

ESA’s CryoSat satellite

Antarctic ice losses have Doubled in less than a decade. Losses from Antarctica alone are 159 billion tonnes of ice melting each year.    CryoSat-2 satellite. ESA

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Ice in the Sea of Okhotsk

Sea of Okhotsk

Patterns of sea ice in the Sea of Okhotsk reveal the dynamics of ocean currents that could otherwise only be seen in sunglint, viewed from the Space Station.

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Bigger Than Life – Ice Caves

Ice Caves

Bigger than Life- Ice Caves, is the first documented drone flight through ice caves, in Alaska.

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How to Survive if you fall through the Ice

How to Survive if you fall  through the Ice

What to do if you fall through the ice. An illustrated survival guide, very useful If you live in a place where snowy and icy winters are the norm.

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Russian Icebreaker traveling Sideways through frozen ice

Baltika icebreaker traveling sideways

The Russian-owned Baltika icebreaker traveling sideways through the frozen ice, although smaller than a normal icebreaker, is carving a larger path. Debuting in early 2014.

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Giant Trench under Antarctic Ice

Giant Trench under Antarctic Ice

Researchers have discovered a giant trench, deeper than the Grand Canyon, buried beneath the Antarctic ice.    Newcastle University

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