Porsche unveils fast, low-cost ‘Electric Pit Stop’

Porsche unveils fast, low-cost ‘Electric Pit Stop’

Porsche unveils fast, low-cost 'Electric Pit Stop'

Porsche Engineering has developed a fast-charging solution, be it in the parking garage, at the supermarket or freeway rest stop.

The Porsche fast-charging solution is a system with modular building blocks that takes account of the available electricity grid, visitor frequency and space constraints.

For the first time, economic viability and user-friendly design are brought together in a charging solution that will help electromobility gain greater acceptance.

Looking at the fast-charging stations in use today, the disadvantages of the system are readily apparent at a glance. At present, all of the components needed for charging are installed in every single cabinet: transformer, galvanic isolation, power electronics, cooling and connectivity—significant outlays that make each individual charging station disproportionately expensive. So for Porsche Engineering, a charging park with a new system architecture and a new generation of charging stations quickly crystallized as an alternative. This new generation of devices is characterized by impressive fast-charging technology. It provides an attractive interface to the customer and, thanks to low operating costs, also presents a compelling business case for a wide variety of operators. The innovative charging park system designed by Porsche Engineering also provides the capability to charge the batteries of multiple electric cars at the same time. Thanks to 800- volt technology, batteries can store enough energy for roughly 400 kilometers of range in just 20 minutes.

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  1. bosch servisi 2018/09/19 at 22:35 - Reply

    looks very handsome.

  2. Christian McElreavy 2018/09/21 at 07:29 - Reply

    I’m still wondering why car’s manufacturers are keep on fooling around with electric batteries to supply power to our future vehicles?
    It’s so simple and cheap to convert today’s regular low-lead gas car engines into low pressure hydrogen gas engines with-out problem ! All rockets used to ship satellites or whaterver the objects in space are powered by hydrogen and oxygen wich are the main gases available on earth…No air pollution at all. The combustion of these two powerfull gases together turns at once in water !
    It’s a full self regenerated process…So, why spending so much money and rare earth materials to built batteries that are hard to recycle after used and won’t last forever ! Can you imagine…Half the weigh of the car is the I-ON battery that one day you will have to get rid of it ! Where ? On the sun, shipped by an hydrogen powered dump rocket ? Think about-it……It’s never to late until we achieve something so wrong that can’t be nolonger cure, whaterver you do ! We have to Stop doing stupid things like we have done in the past like promoting plastic fiber insted of cellulose, steel insted of wood for ligh buildings, synthetic material insted of organic, etc, etc….The climate and the oceans bad health are the best barometer to prove what I’m saying !!!

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