Potentially Habitable Moons

Europa, Ganymede, Titan and Enceladus

According to astrobiologists, these may be the four most tantalizing potentially habitable moons in our Solar System. Europa, Ganymede, Titan and Enceladus shown at the same scale.


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World’s Largest Spacecraft Welding Tool

Spacecraft Welding Tool

World’s largest spacecraft welding tool for Space Launch System, the Vertical Assembly Center, officially is open for business at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans.


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Voyager’s image of Neptune


25 years ago, in the summer of 1989, NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft gave humanity impressive images of Neptune and its moon Triton.


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NASA’s next generation spacecraft’s cockpit

Orion's cockpit

NASA’s next generation Orion spacecraft has many innovations. One of the most significant changes is the cockpit with touchscreen interfaces.


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NASA’s design a real Warp Drive Ship

Warp Drive Ship

NASA unveils designs for a Star Trek-style Warp Drive Ship, called IXS Enterprise (of course), similar to the Star Trek spaceship, that could send us one day to the stars.


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Morpheus Prototype landing safely in Dark

Morpheus Prototype

NASA demonstrated that it can land an unmanned spacecraft on a rugged planetary surface in the pitch dark in a May 28, 2014 free-flight test of the Morpheus prototype lander and ALHAT.    Watch the videos…


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Boeing Future Commercial Spacecraft Interior

Boeing Future Commercial Spacecraft

Boeing unveiled a new commercial interior of its Crew Space Transportation (CST-100) next-generation manned space capsule, showing how passengers may one day travel to space.


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How the Dream Chaser was built

How the Dream Chaser was built

In this video you can see the development, testing and manufacturing of America’s next generation commercial crew vehicle, Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser spacecraft!     Watch the video…


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Wake up Rosetta!

Wake up Rosetta 1

Rosetta spacecraft has been hibernating for most of the past three years to save power. The alarm was set for 10am this morning, but is expected to take seven hours to totally wake up.    Take a look at the videos…

Update: Rosetta is awake and in great form!


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NASA is testing lighter space suits for asteroids

NASA testing lighter space suits for asteroids 1

NASA plans human deep space missions, including a voyage to a relocated asteroid. Care is being taken to efficiently use space inside Orion. So is looking at ways to alter the ACES suits for multiple uses both inside and outside the spacecraft.


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