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Aircraft and spacecraft designs

Researchers at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., use all sorts of tools and techniques to learn more during the development of aircraft and spacecraft designs.    Image © NASA Langley/Preston Martin

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Out of this world road signs

Out of this world road signs

These out of this world road signs, at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility, they refer to the recent launch of the LADEE spacecraft to the Moon and to the launch area of the Orbital Sciences Corporation Antares rocket.    Image © NASA/Bill Ingalls

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NASA’s Asteroid Capture mission

NASA's Asteroid Capture mission 1

These new images and video from NASA, explain how their planned asteroid capture mission concept will work. The target of this program is to capture and redirect a near-Earth asteroid to a stable point near the Moon.    Watch the video…

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Send your own Pocket Spacecraft to the Moon!

Send your own Pocket Spacecraft to the Moon

Would you like to send your own spacecraft to the Moon? Have you ever dreamt of exploring the solar system with your own spacecraft? Now you can Kickstart the personal space age by sending your own personalised spacecraft to the Moon!

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Grasshopper 325m Test

Grasshopper 325m Test

The Grasshopper reusable spacecraft’s by SpaceX, made its latest test higher from the  earlier 840 feet record, at 1,066 feet. the launch had a more precise landing thanks to new sensors measuring the distance between the ground and the vessel. The video was shot by a single camera from an quadrotor.

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Enceladus beautiful plumage

Enceladus beautiful plumage

Saturn‘s moon Enceladus shows off its beautiful plume to the Cassini spacecraft’s cameras. Enceladus (313 miles –  504 kilometers across) is seen here illuminated by light reflected off Saturn. Image © NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

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MB&F Musicmachine

MB&F Musicmachine

The MB&F Musicmachine, that looks like Star Wars spacecraft, is actually a music box. They will be produced just 66 black and white pieces.

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Spacecraft wings of Power

Spacecraft wings of Power

These are spacecraft’s solar power panels, that look like wings, from behind, published by the European Space Agency.

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Crescent Neptune and Triton

Crescent Neptune and Triton

The Voyager 2 spacecraft camera captured the gas giant planet Neptune and its cloudy moon Triton together in crescent phase.

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NASA’s 2012 Greatest Hits video

NASA's 2012 Greatest Hits video

NASA: Reaching for New Heights, a video with all the Greatest Hits of National Aeronautics and Space Administration from the past year, presented with a very nice way.

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